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  • 09/10/2018

Olympic Ring of Montjuïc, memories of 1992

Barcelona became the sports capital for international media for a few days when it held the 1992 Olympic Games and the central point was the Olympic Ring of Montjuïc; 400 historical hectares that are still a popular attraction today.
  • 02/10/2018

Plaça de Sant Felip Neri, pure history in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

The Plaça de Sant Felip Neri is a unique square in Barcelona, named after the Baroque church of the same name that presides over it. It’s located in the Gothic Quarter, in the district of Ciutat Vella, and more specifically in the neighbourhood of Call and Sant Felip Neri. If you pay attention, you can see the holes made by shrapnel from an air bomb the national side threw during the Spanish Civil War.
  • 25/09/2018

Montjuïc Castle

The landmark of the mountain of Montjuïc is undoubtedly its castle, built in 1751 by the military engineer, Juan Martín Cermeño. Prior to the 17th century, and thanks to historic documents, we know that originally there was only a lighthouse or small signal tower at the top of the mountain, which warned the city of approaching vessels.
  • 21/09/2018

Fiestas of La Mercè 2018

The fiestas of La Mercè in Barcelona are with us once more, from 21st to 24th September, the last day of which is the main day and a public holiday in the Catalan capital.
  • 14/09/2018

The Monument to Columbus, the welcome to the city’s port

The statue of Columbus is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Built in homage to the explorer, Christopher Columbus, it rises above Plaça del Portal de la Pau, at the point where the bottom of La Rambla and Passeig de Colom meet, in front of the port of Barcelona. Inside the column there is a lift which takes you up to the hemisphere just beneath the statue’s feet and from where you can enjoy stunning views of the city.
  • 10/08/2018

The Palau Reial Major, admired since 1116

The Barri Gòtic is home to most of Barcelona’s important historic and cultural landmarks, and one of the most significant is undoubtedly the Palau Reial Major (Grand Royal Palace).
  • 06/08/2018

The Geek Triangle of Barcelona

Twenty-three shops related to the world of science fiction and video games located between Passeig de Sant Joan, Ronda de Sant Pere, Plaça Tetuán and Carrer Ali Bei, set against the backdrop of the Arc de Triomf, go to make up the famous Geek Triangle of Barcelona.
  • 30/07/2018

The magical mountain of Montserrat, a trip not to be missed

Montserrat is a rocky massif, considered by many to be the most important and symbolic mountain in Catalonia. Its peculiar morphology with its unusually shaped rocks make it a sight not to be missed, one of the most spectacular excursions outside the city.
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