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El Born neighbourhood: history, shopping and the latest trends in the centre of Barcelona

El Born Neighbourhood: History, Shopping And The Latest Trends In The Centre Of Barcelona

El Born is a neighbourhood in the city of Barcelona that runs around Passeig del Born, the Born market and the Church of Santa Maria del Mar. It stretches as far as Passeig de Picasso, Carrer de la Princesa up to Carrer del Rec,  Passeig del Born, Santa Maria del Mar, Pla de Palau and Avinguda del Marquès de l’Argentera.

It is an area of striking contrasts, where the historical city lives side by side with businesses boasting the latest trends in the worlds of fashion, art and gastronomy.

As well as the small businesses, the Born market (first opened in 1876), and a host of other sites which played a significant role in the history of Barcelona, is The Born Cultural and Memorial Centre, a space created for the city in order to encourage and promote the remembrance of local, national and international events that have left their mark on communities around the world.

The building, which once housed the Born market, is composed of a range of architectural styles, dating back to the time when Barcelona underwent a process of modernisation, which was to bring it in line with the rest of Europe. An archaeological site was unearthed below the market, revealing the ruins of streets and houses in the city from around 1700, which are a vital witness to the life of the city as well as the consequences of the siege of 1714.

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