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Casa Vicens is Antoni Gaudí’s first great commission

Casa Vicens Is Antoni Gaudí’s First Great Commission

In 1883, Manel Vicens i Montaner, a stock broker-dealer, entrusts the young architect Gaudí with the project of his summer residence in the old village of Gràcia. It’s his first masterpiece and one of the first buildings that inaugurate Modernism in Catalonia and Europe.

The current garden is the result of reflection and a detailed study of the original setting of Casa Vicens, as conceived by Gaudí and the gardens of the time. The architect is already inspired in his first masterpiece by the Mediterranean vegetation and wildlife, which he features in the resources and all the interior décor.

On the terrace, located on the stand, there is a wooden bench combined with a metal profile from which to slowly contemplate the nature around the garden. This outer space connects with the master bedroom, guaranteeing adequate lighting and ventilation.

Gaudí creates his first walkable roof in Casa Vicens; a great viewpoint, a space for evasion and contemplation. A sentry path joins the four sloped planes that are covered with Arabic tiles, which enable storing the rainwater.

On this deck, there are a small dome crowns the tower located on the west corner of the façade and three equal brick structures that used to top the chimneys. These elements, like the façade, are covered with green and white ceramic tiles and show the influence of Islamic and Oriental architecture in Gaudí’s work.

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