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Gràcia and the 2017 Festa Major

Gràcia And The 2017 Festa Major

The neighbourhood of Gràcia was once a small rural town that was gradually absorbed into Barcelona during the city’s transformation in the 19th century.

Under the Cerdà Plan, the once walled city expanded outwards and while this process meant that Gràcia was annexed, the former town has never relinquished its own distinct identity and character. The Festa Major, or fiestas, that takes place here in mid-August are considered to perfect illustration of the neighbourhood’s identity, with a whole host of celebrations and events that bring together the local people and popular, traditional culture.

This year will be the fiestas’ bicentenary, and to celebrate this landmark occasion, the district will be holding more than 400 cultural and social events that are due to continue into next year. The calendar is bursting with all kinds of events from music concerts and beer tasting to competitions, workshops, sports events, parades, human castles, street parties, theatre performances, outdoor cinema, exhibitions and treasure hunts. The ideas for the different events were chosen by a group of over 100 neighbours from among the hundreds of proposals which were also put forward by local residents, and coordinated by the Festa Major de Gràcia Foundation. The Foundation was awarded the Golden Medal for Cultural Merit by Barcelona City Hall for their “tireless work on behalf of Catalan social and cultural cohesion”. Moreover, the Festa Major de Gràcia has been officially commemorated by the Generalitat, the government of Catalonia.

Last May this historic edition was inaugurated with the presence of the President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, who visited the marquee that has been set up in the Jardinets de Gràcia and which is a starting point for the 400 exhibitions, conferences, concerts and workshop for people of all ages.

During the fiestas, many of the neighbourhood’s streets are decorated in all kinds of themes, and one of the highlights of this bicentenary year will be the decorations in Carrer Gran de Gràcia or Carrer Gran, as it is known, which aims to make the street once more the gateway to the Fiestas. This year, around 18 streets and squares will be decorated, each with up to 30 balconies and doorways also ornately decked out. Also this year, the façade of the Town Hall in the Plaça de la Vila will be festooned, as was once the tradition, from 15th August to October, when the façade will undergo renovations to restore it to its original state.

For more information about all the events taking place we recommend you visit the website:

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