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Our new Figue copaiba wood scented candles

Our New Figue Copaiba Wood Scented Candles

In the Hotel La Casa del Sol we have designed candles with our own corporate scent, Figue copaiba wood, in two different sizes.

The smaller candles, which make great gifts or souvenirs of your stay at the Hotel La Casa del Sol, can be purchased at the hotel. The larger version can be seen on display in different parts of the hotel.

The copaiba or copaiba balsam is an aromatic resin which is extracted from the Copaifera, a tropical tree of the caesalpiniaceous family that grows in the Brazilian rain forest of Brazil, Columbia, Guyana and Venezuela, where it is known by a variety of names: diesel tree, rashed tree and capivi in Brazil.

It is an upright tree with few branches that can grow up to a height of 20 metres (65 feet). It has light green pinnate leaves that are oblong-shaped and slightly leathery. Its white or pale pink flowers hang in clusters and its fruit is a leathery pod containing just one seed.

Copaiba balsam can be found in botanical chemist’s and in herbalist’s. It is a thick yellowy-brown oil, with a strong aroma and a rather unpleasant, bitter flavour. It does not dissolve in water.


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