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The architectural project for the complete renovation of the building as well as the interior design are the work of Inma Rabano y Julio Romeo

The History of La Casa de los Barcos (The Boathouse)

Built in 1854 by Juan Martí Alsina, a prosperous trader and former sailor, La Casa de los Barcos owes its name to the frescos of the brigantines in which the owner sailed the high seas to reach South America in his youth.

The Gracia neighbourhood, which in those days wasn’t part of the city of Barcelona, offered a peaceful setting and clear views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Originally, a beautiful, vibrant garden surrounded by a high wall was located at the rear of the house. Passers-by could admire the tall trees from the street and listen to the canaries singing, which gave the place a certain air of romance.

After Juan Martí Alsina passed away in 1909, the house remained in the family for many years, but La Casa de los Barcos suffered the pressures of urban development and the real estate market, losing its glorious garden. Gradually abandoned, in 2014 the house was purchased and made into a hotel.

In November 2016, the seaman’s former home becomes Hotel La Casa del Sol. The only original features remaining are the exterior and the façade architecture.

Despite the passage of time, Gracia is still a peaceful and authentic quarter and we have aimed to convey these characteristics in our hotel. Its vertical garden evokes the spirit of the building’s former owner.

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