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Immerse yourself in the Catalan Modernism of the industrial Colonia Güell

Immerse Yourself In The Catalan Modernism Of The Industrial Colonia Güell

The industrial Colonia Güell, which belongs to the Catalan Modernism, captivates visitors through its charm and the peace its 19th century setting transmits, which still lingers in its streets and make it so special.

Visitors can walk and admire the singular and beautiful buildings created by the Catalan Modernism architects of the time where they’ll find the most characteristic features of this movement. The most unique buildings in the Güell Colony are the following:


The buildings of Antoni Gaudí

Gaudí’s work is centred on the Crypt. It’s a culminating point in Gaudí’s creative work. It includes many examples of Gaudí’s mastery of the applied arts, both with furniture and ornaments. The benches with recliners and the unique space of the nave stand out and are enhanced by the lighting coming from the large windows, which include, on the outside of the church, ornaments and mosaics with religious symbols. The great variety of materials also stands out: basaltic stones and limestone, ceramic and scorched bricks, cast iron slag, ceramics, glass and different types of mortar.


The buildings of Francesc Berenguer

The moderate use of ceramics, the arrangement of exposed brick and wrought iron work are constant in Berenguer’s work. The flat and balanced nature of his façades also stand out, as well as the clear volumetric approach of his buildings.


The buildings of Joan Rubió

Exposed bricks are the protagonists in Joan Rubió’s buildings and they are used as a modulated piece that enables different solutions, both decorating and organising façades and creating original structures. The floors in his buildings pose a more complex design than Berenguer’s, like in Ca l’Espinal. The reinterpretation of the styles of the past is evident in their buildings with the incorporation of Gothic elements. Emphasised corners with cantilevers and stands are another of his main characteristics.

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