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Jardins de la Tamarita (Tamarita Gardens)

Jardins De La Tamarita (Tamarita Gardens)

The Jardins de la Tamarita is one of the most idyllic places in Barcelona to relax and enjoy a quiet break far from the hustle and bustle of the city. These tranquil gardens are located behind a stone wall with an iron gate, which protect the two hectares of land that once was a private garden and is now a space open to the public.

In the gardens we can find all kinds of native species, such as myrtle, privets, and giant bay leaf and Japanese cheesewood, as well as black locust and plane trees. The gardens are also home to yews, bitter orange trees, boxwood and a jacaranda. At the Frare Blanc fountain there are Cyprus trees, witch’s hemp or bear’s breeches, spider plants, more Japanese cheesewood and privets, bamboos and large silver linden trees.

Strangely enough, we can also find in the park species such as monkey-puzzle trees, a Grevillea or silky oak, native to Australia, and a copper beech. We can also see a tree which is very famous due to the fact that there are very few of its kind in Barcelona: a one hundred-year old English oak which is 23 metres high.

The gardens are exquisitely decorated with small ponds with springs, terracotta figures, stone, marble and pottery plant pots converted into fountains, ornamental pots and so on.

The most classical part of the gardens, organised into French-style flower beds, where we can find an exuberance of privets and rose bushes, which have been replanted to look like they did originally the last time the gardens were renovated. There is also a small square, with an oval fountain, the square of the four continents, with statues dedicated to the continents, a nymph and a grotto waterfall, and a terrace, which leads us to the wildest part of the gardens.

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