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Port Vell, a place not to be missed during your stay in Barcelona

Port Vell, A Place Not To Be Missed During Your Stay In Barcelona

Opened in 1995, Port Vell is the oldest part of the Port of Barcelona and is a unique attraction for local people and businesses. It’s an ideal spot where you can stroll, visit museums, go shopping or to the cinema, observe marine life, dine out in a restaurant and stay in one of the many hotels located on the sea front, and many other things beside.

Port Vell starts at the bottom of Les Rambles, at the iconic statue of Christopher Columbus, which has stood there since 1886. It stretches along the front for 55.6 hectares, and there are plans to extend it in the future with the redevelopment of the dock of the Pescadors and the completion of the Nova Bocana. Its undeniable success is due to the large investments made by Barcelona Port and private concerns.

Maremagnum shopping centre and the Aquarium de Barcelona are just some of the many attractions Port Vell has on offer for young and old alike. The large brick building that once housed the General Warehouse of Trade, located on the edge of Barceloneta, is a reminder of the area’s commercial past. Known today as Palau de Mar, it is home to one of the city’s most interesting museums, The History Museum of Catalonia.

Over the last few years, the port has managed to reinvent itself, becoming an important part of the city life, and offers a wide range of activities, making it one of the most symbolic parts of Barcelona, both for the city’s inhabitants and for the 16 million plus tourists who visit it every year. It generates 7,000 jobs and has a yearly turnover of more than 300 million euros.



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