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Enjoy an exceptional and professional massage at the Hotel la Casa del Sol (in your room). Below are all the different types that you can enjoy and ask for at our reception (+34) 932.753.941 or

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Our selection

Anti-stress relaxation massage (60/90 minutes – 55/75€)

Gentle, enveloping massage using slow, deep movements with macadamia nut essential oil, which makes you feel relaxed both physically and mentally. Helps you to forget stress and leaves you feeling energised.

Therapeutic  (60/90 minutes – 55€/75€)

A personalised, deep tissue massage using body oil and different techniques that are applied using hands, elbows and forearms. Provides real relief from tension, alleviates pain and eliminates knots in the muscles.

Traditional Thai massage (60/90 minutes – 55€/75€)

Ancient, exotic and unique, Thai massage is based on applying pressure to different energy points and on stretching, to balance the body’s energy and free any blocks. It leaves you feeling both relaxed and energised in mind and spirit. The massage is done on a futon, and special clothing will be provided.

Localised Massage (30 minutes – 30€)

A more personalised, shorter massage using oil aimed at a specific part of the body. Choose from head, neck and shoulders, arms or legs.

Foot Reflexology  (30/60 minutes – 30€/55€)

Aimed at balancing the body’s mind and energy using acupressure: massage and pressure applied to zones and reflex areas in different parts of the foot, which correspond to the organs and other parts of the body.

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