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Wine tasting in Barcelona?
It is often believed that the world of wines is reserved exclusively for the specialists and experts who make their living from it, but a wine tasting can open up a whole world of sensations and awaken all our senses.

Come and discover the world of wine
We guarantee an experience where you will learn everything there is to know about how to taste each wine and appreciate its particular characteristics. The art of wine tasting is not just a treat for our palates, it is an experience for practically all our senses, especially sight, smell and taste.

Gastronomy also present
Our wine tastings in Barcelona are always accompanied by a tasting of a selection of Spanish cheeses. We will show you how to observe the wine, appreciate its aroma, and enjoy its flavour. At the end of the event we will send you an email with a brief dossier about the wines you have tasted and all their characteristics.

Come and enjoy some wine in Barcelona
To reserve your place or find out more about this wine tasting session, send us an email to or call us on 932 753 941.

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