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Visit Barcelona’s Alhambra in Sant Gervasi

Visit Barcelona’s Alhambra In Sant Gervasi

As unbelievable as it may sound, Barcelona is home to a building that is a replica of the famous Alhambra in Granada, located in Carrer Berlinès, 5 in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood.

The building, which today is divided into residential flats and is surrounded by a beautiful garden, is a much smaller version of the original building. The building’s façade is typical of Neo-Moorish art, such as the Islamic design of its arches, its capitals decorated with intricate geometrical designs and stained glass windows that cast their colours into the entrance hall. The most stunning part, however, is undoubtedly the building’s interior.

The inspiration for this unusual building may have arisen from a love story, although this has never been proved. According to the story, the building was commissioned by a German physician, Otto Streitberger, as a present for his wife, Rosario Petit, when they moved from Berlin to the Catalan capital at the turn of the 20th century. The doctor was inspired to build a house for his homesick wife, who was from Andalusia, which would remind her of her native land. With this in mind, he bought some land outside Barcelona, in the area that would later become known as Sant Gervasi, and had a replica of the Alhambra in Granada built. The building was in fact the first to be constructed in the neighbourhood.

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